Commercial management

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By giving you the possibility to manage your customers, prospects, items, quotes, orders and invoices adjusted to the packaging sector, GesPack allows you to ensure the growth and the efficiency of your company and your customers’ satisfaction.

Based on quotes, the orders, the manufacturing orders, the delivery slips and the invoices are edited without rekeying. GesPack allows your sales team to devote more time for your customers.

Block diagram

Your optimized customer relationship

The data about your customers and all the exchanges made are gathered in one application in order to shorten your processing time for customer requests and to boost your relationships with suppliers.

GesPack sales management {PNG}As they are completely configurable, your exchanges can even be automatized, for example to confirm a receipt. You earn time and improve your traceability.

Secured quotes

GesPack uses all the data stored in the customer and production modules in order to assess the production cost of an order.

Therefore, you are sure to be profitable, to propose a right price and you may not disappoint your customers by an irregular pricing policy.

Secured quotes for your profitability

An easy way to manage your items

Each order generates the creation of an item that simplifies its reading and allows the customer, thanks to its archives, to reproduce quickly the same order whenever he wants.

Your paperboard items as a plan

Your orders can be edited online

To optimize customer interactions and to facilitate the order entry or to follow the progress by your customer themselves, GesPack relies on Internet technologies.

Online customer page on Internet to follow your orders status

A permanent and secured access to the orders progress

Monitor in real time your orders progressWhatever the order mode is, your customers will be able to follow in real time the progress of all their orders and be informed by themselves about:

  • the planned date,
  • the production date and the quantities already produced,
  • the shipping date,
  • the planned delivery.

Highlights of Commercial management

The overall management

GesPack boosts your sales efficiency gathering all the needed data.

The connectivity

The use of Internet as a customer exchange support lightens your relational workload.

Customers autonomy

They place their orders themselves, follow them in real time, receive automatic confirmations… Maximum service for a minimal workload.


All the exchanges are stored and gathered in order to facilitate the consulting and to allow you to assess your customers.