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GesPack is a business oriented ERP, which means that the software is developed specifically for professionals, including the specificities of each business. This is why we aim to design our programs according to the criteria and the requirements of our customers, keeping in mind that they are the best placed to advise us. Thanks to these exchanges, our product positioning is one of the most realistic of the market and our offer is one of the best oriented.

Here is the different businesses for which we developed specific applications :

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Envelopes makerThe envelope makers work from paper rolls provided by the papermakers. The conversion of these rolls (cutting, folding, gluing…) allows them to produce different kind of envelopes.Paper bags makerPaper bag makers work from rolls provided by the papermakers. They produce bags, with or without handles, for a large number of different business sectors while providing a communication area by printing.PapermakerPapermakers work with materials from the timber industry or collect waste paper containers to recycle them to produce rolls that can exceed a ton. Then they cut their rolls according to the width requested by the customer. Some paper rolls can also be colored or printed.CorrugatorCorrugators purchase rolls to the papermakers that are placed on the corrugating machine to become corrugated cardboard sheets. The corrugators can produce single or double sided paperboard, with one, two or three flutes. The produced sheets can then be printed before being converted.ConverterThe converters can be divided into 3 categories, according to the material they transform : Those working with corrugated cardboard sheets (cutting, folding, gluing) to produce boxes. Those working with flat cardboards to create boxes, packages… Those working directly with the paper to create bags, shopping bags, packets, envelopes...PlatemakerClichés are cylindrical tools for printing on large areas of paper or cardboard. These can be used by papermakers, corrugators or converters. Platemakers are manufacturers of clichés.PrinterPrinters can be useful at different stages of the production chain. By acting on the paper rolls, on the corrugator end or as usually during the conversion. Some cardboard makers integrate printing functions plant(s), others rely on subcontractors. We developed specific programs for each type of operation and each specialization.DiemakerThe cutting tools are tools to repeat large-scale cuts on paper or cardboard sheets. These can be used by corrugators or converters. Diemakers are manufacturers of cutting tools.BoxboardThe actors of the boxboard sector (or solid board) are working on the creation of cardboard pulp, on its conditioning in sheets and its conversion into box, tube, packaging, or any other kind of shapes.PlasticPlastic bag makers work from rolls supplied by plastics manufacturers. They make bags the same way as those produced from paper.Industrials TechnologiesInfico is not only dedicated to the packaging industry, a part of our work answers to all industrial needs, whatever its business sector (chemicals, food-processing, metallurgy…).
It consists in automatic identification technologies, in barcoded traceability, in mobile and real-time solutions and in automated tagging and labelling.

Highlights of GesPack for each job


Our experience in the development of "business" programs has taught us to adapt perfectly to the environment and people we work with.


By imbuing the operation and specificities of each business even in the smallest details, we are qualified to develop solutions rooted in the industrial reality.


Instead of adapting an existing software to the requirements of each business, we prefer a comprehensive approach starting from a blank sheet of paper, to be sure that our software will be completely dedicated to the business.