Our philosophy

INFICO and GesPack business software package philosophy

For 30 years, INFICO built a strong partnership with industrial partners, with a passion for the computer-integrated management and a total devotion to the packaging industry resulting in a perfect knowledge of its needs. Trust INFICO means that you are sure to have a skilled partner by your side and high quality services for a long time.

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We will take part of the 2016 Paris packaging show

Our job : Industrial computing right for your business

Industrial computing consists in making the applications deal with the machines (to drive, control or monitor them). We have been specializing ourselves in this domain for nearly three decades especially for the packaging industry.

Because the modern industry is more and more dynamic, because you are part of a highly competitive sector, because we create applications suiting to the industrial realities, we estimate that we have a lot of things to share with you.

GesPack, the easy and flexible ERP dedicated to the packaging industry

GesPack, the ERP dedicated to packaging businesses

Logistics consulting / Industrial labeling

Our barcode partners
  • Installation of your bar coded management
  • Selection and setup of your dedicated computer system
  • Insdustrial start monitoring
  • Technical support under contract

Our partners for barcodes

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Project management

  • Analysis of your industrial needs
  • Technical study of your machinery
  • Execution supervision

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We are a Microsoft Certified Partner

INFICO is a certified partner of Microsoft in applications development
This partnership allows us to ensure you:

  • a prompt response to Windows novelties,
  • the security of an international company,
  • a high stability of our solutions,
  • reduced administration costs.

We are at your service

  • On-site visits
  • Remote support
  • Development of your solutions
  • Selection of your computer system
  • Training (INFICO is an approved center)
  • Specialized consulting

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We are a Cisco partner

INFICO is a Cisco Systems partner We are officially owner of the Cisco Systems network certifications.

INFICO recruits

In order to answer to the market growth, INFICO is constantly searching for talented computer
scientists to strengthen its development team. If you are looking for a job, feel free to apply.