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Integrated to your production, this module allows you to manage very easily your stocks whatever their nature is : rolls, pallets, sheets, sourcing

Acting as an actual consultant, GesPack helps you in choosing the supplier and order quantities, ensuring you an optimal management without shortage of your stocks.

Block diagram

A simplified purchase management

The stock shortage surprise is over. Between your orders and yours production, your purchase requests answer precisely to your needs.

The purchaser is also helped in his task with several statistics and automatic resupply suggestions assessed by GesPack.

Purchases automatization from raw material needs

Multi-plant integration

GesPack is particularly well adapted to communicate between the different production units and to integrate them uniformly in the data system, from the customer order to the delivery of the finished good.

Therefore, you can automatically launch the production in your subsidiary according to your stock needs. Thus, you are freed from the organization and communication problems between the different entities.

Multi-plant integration and production needs management

An organization per kind of stock

The barcoded management and the dispatching system per warehouses allow you to organize your stock by product kind.

Indeed, the stock management needs for rolls are not the same as the ones for pallets for instance. Thereby, the customization of your stocks gives them an optimized management.

Stocks management with GesPack

A precise storage location management

GesPack allows a complete management of the storage location. Each stock element is in its warehouse on its location (with the possibility to refine the location in four distinct sublevels).

You can transfer goods from a warehouse to another, whether it be internal to your production unit or on an external location.

Precise management of your storage locations (warehouses)

Your machines also have their own stock

Storage of your machine toolsAs opposed to other kind of stocks that are meant for raw materials, the tools stock deals with the specific needs of your machines to ensure the production.

Therefore, the point is to anticipate your supplies with clichés for printing, cutting shapes, or every other tool needed in the process of your customers’ orders.

Highlights of Purchases / Stocks / Tools


Let GesPack assess your supplies. Only change the values in special cases.

All the movements are controlled

You manage the movements in your inventory and know their status at any time thanks to the data system.

Barcoded solution

By providing your teams with barcode readers, computer entry will not even be necessary.

A simplified inventory

The barcoded operation, combined with the stock management, will allow your teams to check the stock status very fast.