An ERP for the packaging areas

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ERP GesPack software package modules

GesPack is an Enterprise Resource Planning developed especially for the cardboard and packaging industry areas in order to offer an global and efficient solution.

Moreover, the activities like industrial labeling, barcodes management or logitics are sufficiently universal and compatible to be adjusted to varied sectors as chemicals, food processing, metallurgy...

Block diagram

A business orientation

GesPack ERP main menu {PNG}Our collaboration, for more than 25 years, with professionals of the cardboard industry allowed us to develop a software package perfectly adapted to the needs of all its areas and its derivatives.

Papermaker, corrugator, convertor, printer, tools and clichés makers… We master your activity specificities and we can offer you our solutions.

The modules

According to your plant operating logic, we created five major sections detailed into modules in order to have a better organization of your overall performance, or to easily adjust our software package to your way of work:

GesPack ERP modules linking

An open solution

GesPack, an open and complete softwareOur great experience within our customers’ plants has helped us understand that no site works in the same way. Consequently, we started listening to our customers to help them in adjusting GesPack to their specificities.

Today, we created more than 20 application dedicated to our unique customers only to improve their efficiency.
We are proud of this flexibility and this responsiveness.

This helps us to stay as close as possible of the industrial world realities. Indeed, when we think that a customer request is pertinent enough to be integrated in our software, we offer a discount on the case study.”

A highly flexible software

Adjust GesPack to your needsBecause GesPack can be adjusted perfectly to your needs, it can work on several different ways.

Personalization of your ERPYou can completely personalize it, select the applications you want in order to hide those that do not fit to your needs, and we can create the applications you need if it does not exist yet.

Monitor your ERPThus you are monitoring the way you want to use your ERP.

A controlled budget

Cost study and budget transparencyOur way to work consists in proposing you a right price, according to the applications you want to use. The future developments will always be subject to a cost study before their implementation so that we work together in a fully budget transparency.

Select your maintenance typeTherefore, we will constantly listen to you in order to maintain your data processing and to be sure to improve it according to your requests. This permanent service that we provide acts like an annual subscription for project monitoring and after sale service.

A fast implementation

We support you, during the GesPack installation in your plant being present on site during the crucial weeks of starting, then keeping on listening to you for each step of your progress. We train you to the software package use to ensure its perfect operation.

Usually, its installation within a plant lasts about three months.

Typical example of GesPack's setup steps

A wide range of communication interfaces

GesPack can interface and communicate (documents, accounting, EDI)

  • GesPack is perfectly adapted to a multi-sites management of your infrastructures.

  • You can send PDF documents by mail and fax from GesPack while dealing (sales, invoices, shippings, purchases) with your customers, suppliers or providers, in order to save time and paper.

  • GesPack can be interfaced with several accounting softwares (Sage, SAP…)

  • Others systems are supported by GesPack (AS/400, PC-Topp…) and are able to communicate with each other via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

  • GesPack also manages the sending and the reception of structured files on different formats (XML, TXT, CSV…) allowing an electronic process with your contacts.

Highlights of GesPack

Multi-sites connectivity

GesPack can be adjusted to your company structure. If you own several plants, some interfaces make the link between each plant in order to consistently share the technical and commercial knowledge.

The accountancy

GesPack can be interfaced with your providers and customers data processes, thanks to the market standards.

The experience

INFICO develops GesPack with its customers’ partnership for more than 25 years and is granted with an unmatched experience with the users.

The support

Our developing team allows us to answer quickly to the customers’ requests. Besides the on-site interventions, INFICO provides a telephone support and a remote maintenance, in order to obtain an optimal reactivity according to your needs.

The consulting

INFICO helps you in the choice of your material infrastructure, from the servers to the workstations through the bar code readers.

The personalization

GesPack is your ERP, you completely set it up in order to adjust it to your needs. As a unique system ensuring the good operation of your plants, we think that your criteria must be taken into account while its installation and throughout its development.